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It’s time to change to a  natural and sustainable lifestyle.

You all know of the world’s problems, climate change, poverty and environmental issues; it’s in the news every day. You know we all have to change, to change the world for the better for our pet families and us.
We provide clear information on our entire range that help you along this path and show you that saving the environment can be both fun and stylish! 

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Made From Hemp

There is soooo much to love about hemp textiles in terms of sustainability and performance! It grows fast, is naturally pest-resistant, grows without fertilisers/pesticides, needs little water and grows almost anywhere. Being a Cardon Negative plant, it absorbs more carbon while growing than when harvesting, processing and transporting.

Made From Pinatex

You love the fruit but let’s not waste those leaves. Pinatex leather solves this, producing a very durable leather alternative in an array of fantastic colours. It is a renewable, sustainable product that supports local farming co-cooperatives, leaves zero waste from pineapple farming and is fully Petra and Vegan approved. BUT, Pinatex contains PLA (Polylactic Acid), which DEFRA currently considers non-recyclable. However, Pinatex is still far better than buying actual leather products, saving the animals and the chemicals used in the tanning process


Made From Cork

It ticks all the boxes. Natural, Sustainable, Environment-Friendly, and farmed responsibly by local farmers from centuries-old forests. The forests grow naturally with no watering, fertilisers or chemicals. Harvesting the bark to produce the fabrics we use is done locally in Portugal by hand with no toxic chemicals used. Cork is lightweight, doesn’t burn, is stain and scratch proof and looks fantastic.

Made From Econyl

If you want colour, style, or something different, then Econyl is what you need. It is made from discarded nylon fishing nets, carpets and textiles. These would otherwise take 500+ years to break down in a general waste landfill site or the ocean. If we can recycle nylon time and again, we save more new plastic being manufactured. The Econyl used in our products is made to OEKE TEX 100 STANDARDS. It ensures there are no harmful substances, so they are friendly to us and the environment.