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What is Lifestyle Eco All About?

Hi, we are Lifestyle Eco and want to take you and your pets on an eco-friendly and sustainable fun trip. 

You have watched and read about bushfires, flooding, drought areas and more. It won’t take long on the internet to find out how wasteful we are, the pollution we cause. To see how the lives of those who produce can be far removed from those who buy. It’s no wonder we now see comments about “eco-anxiety”. It can all get too much. But it is not all doom and gloom, no matter what they say. Yet, we need to go, Natural, Sustainable and respect our Environment. So let’s make it exciting, enjoyable, better still, let’s have fun going Lifestyle Eco.

The fun way to go Eco-friendly

We intend to show you how to go “Natural, Sustainable, Environment Friendly” with your pets. To show you the fantastic array of colours and beautiful materials that are available. Explain what natural materials have been used to make every product we sell and if they come from a sustainable source. Our aim is to ensure you have the information to help you decide if it is eco-friendly. Is it certified by an internationally recognised agency like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. What happens when the product reaches its end of life is as important and we explain how you can recycle them. Like, pop them in the recycle bin, how biodegradable they are, or can you compost them.

We source the materials and turn them into great-looking items for you and your pets. This journey has only begun. The styles, colours, and fun have some way to run, with many ideas still to come.

As a business looking to improve our planet, we decided to be as eco-friendly as possible. We will constantly look for ways to improve, from website hosting to packaging and more. But we decided to take another step forward and improve workers’ well-being. We have registered to become a member of the Good Business Charter with ten core values. These include Environmental Responcilites, Ethical Sourcing and Fair Employee commitments. (see the ten commitments here). We agree to uphold these core values in running our enterprise.

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Team Testers

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Saved from a Gumtree ad sale and the best, “nooo, we will have her” snap buy ever. Eleven years with us and starting a nice grey tint which goes well with Chris (the ideas man).

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Built like a battle tank but as soft as marshmallows. Fudge spent five months being overlooked at RSPCA Sheffield before we snatched her. We now have a 54kg slobbering model to hug and love it.

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She decided to immigrate to the UK from a Spanish rescue. Unfortunately, her new family had problems, and we agreed to lodge her for a few weeks. Months later, Ella is no longer a lodger. She runs on naturally recharging batteries and keeps the oldies, Polly and Fudge, from thinking they are old!

Our Mission

After watching numerous videos and reading in the newspapers about bushfires, flooding and drought areas and more you can’t help but get the message. It won’t take you long on the internet researching to find out how wasteful we are. To see how our want’s have such a negative impact on our planet. To see how the lives of those who produce are sometimes far removed from those who buy.

So what are we to do about it? Three words kept coming up. Natural, sustainable, environment. These are the basis of where we want to go, along with our pets. Yes, all this climate change goes a lot further, it affects our furry friends, the countryside and wildlife.

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