Cookie free website

We’ve gone “Cookie Free” so no “Cookie Pop-up” for you.


Your Cookie consent choice.

When you visit a website and up-pops a “Cookie Consent” box, how many times have you sighed and clicked the “Accept” or “OK” button because it’s the easiest and often the only one on offer (we’ve all done it)? Or you may be lucky and have a selection to pick from, with “Necessary” usually a fixed choice. A “Reject All” option appears to be the least available option.

So what are you consenting to?

You agree to small files, called Cookies, being downloaded directly from a website onto your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.


And what do these Cookie files do?

Cookies can help with the general running of websites, which improves your user experience, i.e., by completing some or all of your login details or providing ads that interest you instead of a random selection. But some Cookie files have little to do with improving your user experience and more with harvesting your data for advertising. And this is something more and more people are not happy about, including us, and is why we decided to go “Cookie Free”.


Going Cookie Free.

No Cookies, no Cookie Consent pop-up.

We use Independent Analytics that are fully GDFPR Compliant. “Independent Analytics does not create profiles or track any personally identifiable information, and it does not use cookies. Furthermore, it never sends any data outside your site. All of the data is recorded and saved entirely on your server”.
All this data is safely stored data on our server in the EU.
This data stays on our server and is not shared or sold.
We use Share Count, use our social share buttons to share posts from our site as they are GDPR Compliant: Unlike other social sharing tools, this plugin does not use cookies, tracking scripts, or store any user data.

Our decision to remove tracking cookies will ease concerns for our site visitors and make their visits more enjoyable.
It will affect our analytics capabilities because we will have less information about our site visitors. But we hope that deciding to go “Cookie Free” will encourage visitors to return, share content, comment and follow our social sites. And help us to spread our message of making our lives, along with our pets, as eco-friendly as possible.

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