Our Dog Collars Are Good Because Our Dogs Wear Them.



1. We look for a material that is strong but comfortable for your dog.
2. It has to be Eco Friendly because your dog also wants to respect the environment.
3. The material needs to look good on your dog, stylish, and why not.

Strong Stitching.

1. We use only well-respected sewing thread like Gutermann or Scanfil who’s sewing thread quality is respected widely.
2. If you choose a hemp/cork collar, we use Scanfil GOTS approved thread. Anything GOTS approved is like the Gold Standard of Environment and Fair Trade practices.
3. If you decide on a collar made from recycled nylon like  Econly or Pinatex  we use Gutermann reclaimed rPET nylon thread or reclaimed cotton thread.
4. How we stitch the buckle, D-ring and slider on the collars is important to us and should be seriously considered by you for your dog’s safety. Stitching holds the collar together and keeps the buckle, D-ring, and slider in place. If any of the stitching breaks, there is a good chance your dog will be free. You can see various stitching styles on dog collars (see examples), but the vast majority will be Box stitching, and with our Box, we go “for extra stitching, for extra strength, for extra safety”.

dog collar stitching

Dog Collar Hardware.

We are talking about the collar buckle, which clips the collar around your dog’s neck. The D-ring that the lead clips on to. The slider you use to shorten/lengthen the collar to fit your dog’s neck. Each is important for the safety and control of your dog. Each can be made from plastic or metal, which is fine as bother can be very strong. Our metal buckles are either ZINC-MAX or ALU-MAX branded; both are known for their quality and strength. In contrast, our plastic buckles combine metal/plastic to provide better quality and strength. We only fit metal D-rings with a welded joint and sliders to all of our collars for maximum strength.

When purchasing a collar for your dog, you are responsible for ensuring it is appropriate for your dog, considering its temperament and handling. After reading the above, we hope that you will agree our collars are just what your furry friend needs.

Enough about our collars? If not send us a message at support@lifestyeeco.co.uk. and we will try and answer any questions.

A final note.

All our dog collars and leads are handmade here in the UK. Our business has Good Business Charter accreditation and we are committed to applying their 10 Commitments. If you would like more on the 10 commitments please go to our article by clicking on the logo below.

Good Business Charter logo

All the best.


Pets Go Eco, a Lifestyle Eco brand.