Hemp Dog Collar

Hemp Dog Collar


A Hemp Dog Collar has got to take first place in all categories: natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Natural: Hemp is a hardy, tolerant plant that requires NO chemicals and its fibres are one of the strongest in the plant world.
Sustainable: Hemp is fast-growing, high yielding, doesn't deplete the soil of nutrients, grows in a variety of soils and requires less crop rotation.
Environment friendly: Hemp is Carbon-Negative, removing more carbon than it emits. It needs less water to grow, requires no pesticides, insecticides or chemicals, and its strong roots improve the soil. Plus, EVERY part of the plant is used with zero waste.

The Benefits Of A Hemp Dog Collar.

They are suitable for your dog because hemp is 100% hypoallergenic and will not cause an allergic reaction if it has sensitive skin. Hemp is also resistant to mildew and odours, so your dog will stay comfortable and healthy.

Hemp collar and leads are biodegradable (even compostable), so you can pop them in your recycle bin when you feel like a change or cut the collar up into smaller pieces and add them to your garden compost bin (instructions included with collar and lead).

Hemp collar and leads are easy to clean. All you need is lukewarm water, soap, handwash, or washing-up liquid and an old toothbrush for the odd stubborn stains. Gently handwash the collar or lead over the entire length giving it a little extra rub in areas with more dirt. If there are still some stains, add a little extra soap, handwash or washing-up liquid to a toothbrush to remove them. Thoroughly rinse the collar and lead to remove any soap, handwash or washing-up liquid and pat dry with a towel or paper kitchen roll to remove excess water. All you need to do now is lay the collar and lead out flat on a clean piece of paper kitchen roll or hang from a coat hanger and allow too dry naturally, preferably out of direct sunlight and not on hot radiators(an airing cupboard should be fine).

Try a Hemp Dog Collar in its natural colour, and all stitching is with GOTS-approved organic cotton, or try Hemp dyed with low impact or natural dyes in brilliant colours.

Smile with a Hemp collar and lead, knowing you and your pets are helping the planet to a sustainable future.

Small: Width 2cm, Adjustable Length 26cm - 33cm
Medium: Width 2cm, Adjustable Length 30cm - 40cm
Large: Width 2.5cm, Adjustable Length 31cm - 46cm
X-Large: Width 2.5cm, Adjustable Length 38cm - 56cm