Compostable Sponge cloths (Pack of four)

Compostable Sponge cloths (Pack of four)


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Compostable Sponge cloths (Pack of four)

  • 100% Natural, 100% plastic free.
  • Made from FSC-certified wood fibre (cellulose) & cotton.
  • Long-lasting, no more single-use wipes.
  • Absorbent.
  • Reusable
  • Washing machine safe.
  • Compostable after use.
  • UK-made, carbon saver.

Here is why you will love them.

Compostable sponge cloths, had a spill, soak it up, made a mess just wipe it clean. Love them, you can't do without them. Plant-based and 100% plastic-free, these are the go-to home cleaning cloths tackling everything in an eco-friendly way.

Looking after your sponge cloths and keeping them free of bacteria:-

  • Keep the sponge cloths as dry as possible between uses.
  • Sterilise them by soaking them for a few minutes in boiling water, prod the sponge, so the boiling water soaks through and then wring and dry out.
  • Throw them in your next washing machine load on between a 30-60 degree wash.

Once you’ve decided it’s time for a replacement, you can compost the cloth instead of sending it to a landfill!

Why you should swap?

Gone are the single-use wipes and kitchen rolls. Gone are the plastic sponges, these are 100% plastic free. Hello, reusable zero-waste multiple-purpose cloths which can be used time and again. Your alternative is common wipes, kitchen rolls and sponges, which are mainly plastic. All are thrown in your general waste bin and end up in your local landfill sites to decompose or, in the case of your plastic sponge cloth, too break down into microplastics in a few hundred years and pollute the ground for future generations.

These cloths are made from 100% natural ingredients, cleanable, reusable, long-lasting and compostable!

Go on, go sponge cloth Eco-friendly.